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It allows you to change hundreds of aspects of your operating system
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XPize Lite is a program intended to allow you to change hundreds of aspects of your operating system, Windows XP or Windows 2003, in its 32-bit versions. In these newer systems, Microsoft has preserved the old icons from its old operating systems like Windows 95, 98, ME, and so on. And that even today they stay at its leisure by our computer systems. XPize allows you to replace the most of these icons no longer match the style of the current Win OS.

In addition, it also changes the windows style, hundreds of screens, and animations. It is also easily uninstallable.

XPize Lite takes up little more than 5 megs and its only difference with the full version is that this not compatible with large icons (128 x 128 pixels)

This software does not replace any files, system or otherwise. Instead it "patches" the files by replacing the old resources inside the files. But it is very important to read carefully each option at installation (if you select full installation, also install TaskSwitch).

This recently released 3rd service-pack for Windows XP introduces some compatibility issues with XPize 4.7 and earlier. It is recommend uninstalling it first before applying SP3 then re-installing.

You will find that any custom or third-party visual styles or themes will no-longer work after installing SP3. This is because SP3 introduces a new version of uxtheme.dll. At the moment you will need to find your own replacement file.

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  • Direct download not available anymore
  • Has 2 "hidden installs" (TaskSwitch and other)
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